Omni® Smart Pool & Spa Control Configuration Guide



Omni® Smart Pool & Spa Control Configuration Guide


OmniLogic® Premium New Construction
New, premium pools and spas, OmniLogic brings the most advanced automation for fully featured backyard control

OmniPL® Flexible New Construction
Unmatched value in automation for new and existing mid-range pools

OmniHub® Aftermarket Controllers
Easy way to add after-market control, OmniHub delivers automation to new and existing entry-level pools

Configuration Guide

• Start with OmniLogic, OmniPL or OmniHub Panel Control variable-speed pumps without additional relays. OmniLogic controls 16, OmniPL controls 8 and OmniHub controls 3

• Optional System Expansion: OmniLogic expansion panel adds an additional system panel with the same capabilities as the base unit (HLEXPAND). I/O expansion panel plugs directly into base unit and provides 4 additional valve actuating relays, 4 additional low voltage relays, and 4 additional temperature sensors (HLIOEXPAND)

• Optional Additional Control: Ability to add additional multi module relays or single smart or standard relays to Hayward Omni Controls (see compatibility chart)

• Optional Remote Controls: Remotes include a wired or wireless with touch screens display. Website and apps are available for use on a smartphone or tablet

• Optional Sanitization: Add Hayward Salt Plumbing Kit (P-KIT) and choose a TurboCell® based on the pool size. Sense & Dispense® also optional for fully integrated chemistry automation
Brand Hayward
Channel Open Line
GTIN 610377223256
Master Carton Qty 1
Pool Type In Ground